Naughty Letters to Ms. Mac

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Dearest Missus MacWheezey,

Blimey, so Mr. Mac has gone and abandoned you in your hour of need again! I really think his company should be making some kind of Grass Widow compensatory payments. Or at the very least send around a handsome replacement to take masterful command of the telly remote control for you.

Oh dear, when I said ballet school inscriptions, I must have been wearing my Franglais hat. I should have said enrolment forms or registration papers of course. But your embroidery idea is a very cute one. I am going to patent it, hire small children from a third world country to perform the manual labour for pitiful wages, and open an internet shop to sell the goods. You can spank me when I’m rich and famous. Of course, you can be my assistant. Or the tea lady. Or licker of my boots…

Golden hugs and filthy lucre kisses,

Ms. Tycoony MacWorldPower


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