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Monday, January 14, 2008

Can't think of a suitably witty title

Dearest Parent-Teacher Texter,

How did you weekend pan out? I must say I am most perturbed that the school would have stolen an evening of your weekend by hosting a parent evening on a Friday! Do those teachers have nothing better to do on a Froiday noight than to drone at parents about how wonderful/tiresome/"they need to apply themselves instead of playing the class clown" their children are? Crikey, I am so pleased that the Swiss school system is still so archaic that one-on-one parent teacher evenings are scheduled weeks in advance and the times always at the choice of the parents. Mind you, I suppose it helps that the local high school here only has a couple of hundred students.

I am miraculously feeling much, much better today! I really hope that it's because I am much better and not purely because of the drugs I took this morning. I suppose time will tell when the drugs wear off. I have been flouncing around this morning actually doing housework and even a bit of mind-improving reading. This is in stark contrast to yesterday when I spent all day moaning and groaning and, quite frankly, behaving like a sick man! My lovely husband treated me like I was on my death bed, running and fetching and being all Nurse Nightingale-ey. I feel quite ashamed, considering what a terrible nurse I am myself.

There is not a lot more to tell you so I shall sign off for now and wait to hear all about your weekend.

With Moanday Love and Quisses,



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