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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Restrained Reply From Antipo

Dearest Queen of Sporting Universe and Balls of Fury,

Drive safely today: roads all black ice here. I slipped and slid all over the footpaths on my way to work and had to hold the railing while inching my way across the bridge. It was terrifying! Was hoping to break an ankle or two in a very complicated and unusual, but entirely painless, fracture and be off work for months on end, but it didn't happen.

Can't wait till you get back to your computer and enliven my existence once more.

Ooops! I mean... Have you been away somewhere? I never even noticed.

Frosty Lurve and Ice Queen kisses,

P.S. No news today, my brians are empty

Ms. Mac's riposte:

Thank you for road condition update, dearest Weather Woman. Have driven thru snow at the Borders already, but now near Blackpool and roads quiet and snow-free.

Finished reading Russell Brand last night - I feel like talking all mockney and being verbose today!
xxx xxx xxx


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