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Friday, January 04, 2008

She’s Nearly Home!

Ms Mac to Antipo on Thursday night:

Darls, have made it to La France with no real trouble. Mr Mac’s nerves starting to fray – if only drink-driving weren’t quite so dangerous and Eye Spy could be played in the dark!

Oh well, only 684 kilometres to go.
Xxx xxx

Antipo to Ms. Mac:

Congratulations on having made it this far! I’ll be sound asleep when you stagger up to bed tonight. And tomorrow I will have to let you sleep half the day before querulously requesting that you send me some news.. My fingertips will be bloody stumps!

Am sending one of my special neck rubs to Mr Mac. And a clout round the ears for the MiniMacs! And hot lovin’ for you, of course!

“See” you real soon!


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