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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Culture Vulture

Dearest Pining For Me Ms. Mac,

I’m back from me ‘ols, and you may have noticed that I have not yet fawned all over you, nor composed a glittering Ode to Ms. Mac, as is my wont of a Monday evening. Yes, I cruelly abandoned you yet again, but for a very important reason: Last night I took my daughter to A Night At The Ballet.

I had tickets to see the Kiev Ballet of the National Opera of Ukraine, performing Swan Lake. It was absolutely enchanting and I am still humming and pointing my toes this morning. Every movement of my hands is graceful today, and my neck still hurts from inclining my head to and fro as I unconsciously mimicked the dancers’ movements.

I will tell all on my other blog, you know, the private one, access to which is granted only to those readers who suck up to me and leave me lots of flattering comments.

But let me say just this: I so wish you could have come with me! The the sight of those virile young men in their tight, tight tights, would have left you (and your bits) in a state of quivering, wanton abandon. Oh yes.

Love & prodigal kisses,




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