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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Toerag Wednesday

Dearest Poor Prostated Princess,

Day started badly with explosive migraine at 5 am. Decided to make the most of early start, took lots hard drugs and got ready to be early in for work, as urgent publishing deadline today. Hoped to bunk off early afternoon.

Upon leaving house, Toerag Husband says “But what shall I give offspring for lunch?” He had only had FOUR days’ notice that I was not available today, poor lamb.

Fridge empty; freezer full of meals too complicated for a Mere Male, so I ran to bakery and bought offspring lovely (read: expensive) Swedish bread gourmet sandwiches, ran home.

Son crying ‘cos he had diligently done his special maths project over the hols, it’s due in today, he had LOST it. We turned bedroom upside down. Homework mysteriously vapourised. I wrote a grovelly note to teacher asking for 1 day’s grace. Am now running very late.

Arrive sweaty and wind-blown at work, chaos reigns, printer on the blink, major stress, go for soothing cup of tea, toerag colleagues have finished MY bottle of milk…

Am determined to find silver lining to this crappy cloud of a day…..

Found it! The violent spring winds, which normally would destroy my movie-star hair and irritate the tits off me, in fact enabled me to dry off the sweat circles under my arms. So that’s nice!!

Clenched jaw love and gritted teeth kisses,




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