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Friday, April 04, 2008

Back Already!

Dearest Two-Blogs-In-One-Friday Lady Blogger,

Yes, I am back from the X-ray X-travaganza already. "Wha... how... whe....?" I know you're astonished that I should be back early so I should explain. You know my Dr LovelyArms here in the Village of the Damned? Well, he is all equipped for lots and lots of different tests and probes that may be required of his patients. We walked into the surgery and as soon as she had finished up her phone call, the receptionist/nurse opened the door and took James from me. I waited in the waiting for not more than 3 pages of my book and James came back. We then had to wait for approximately 7 more minutes for the film to be developed and we were done. How fantastic a service is that? I once had to have a ECG. I had visions of being sent to an obscure clinic in the middle of nowhere, a la Australian Healthcare, and being made to wait for hours while machines broke down, emergencies came and went and the parking fees shot astronomically through the roof. I worried needlessly. My ECG appointment was at 8am with Dr LovelyArms' father. I showed up, was taken to the ECG machine immediately and was outta there by 8:30. It's magical.

Now we're just waiting for Dr LovelyArms to tell the surgeon that he has x-rayed Jamesey's arm and for the surgeon to inform us of a date for the operation. Knowing James' luck, it will be during the upcoming spring holiday!

The only unpleasant thing about the doctor's office today was sharing it for a few minutes with a wee girl and her fathr who were there for nothing nearly as glamorous as x-rays. She had an incessant cough which drove me up the wall. Cough, cough, cough, snivel, whine, Papa.... it went on and on and after approximately 30 seconds I was ready to put her out of my misery. Luckily she was taken to see Dr LovelyArms before I could get my hands round her scrawny, sick little neck. Although I do feel for the poor little thing. Coughing can be exhausting.

Hurrah! Hurrah! 'Tis the weekend! How I wish I were spending it with you in your Utterly Quaint and Picturesque Village in France. But it's not to be. I shall spend all weekend dreaming of you my dear, don't you worry about that!

Love and sublime quisses,



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