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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Many Thanks

Dearest Soulie,

Thank you so much for my beautiful black rose and the many happy bathday wishes. I did indeed enjoy my bath- it was warm and inviting and I languished in it long enough for my skin to turn wrinkly.

I had such a wonderful day yesterday. Even the fact that Mr Mac wasn't home early enough to either cook me one of his special laksas or take me out didn't bother me. I enjoyed champagne with my friend instead. We opened the bottle of champagne so generously given to me by Doc's dear Uncle Daniel who was also kind enough to give me a guided personal tour around his champagne-factory at 10, rue de la Charme. I desperately want to call it a Champagnerie but suspect I would be arrested, accused and tried for Making up French Words. Champagnerie notwithstanding (Your Honour), the bubbly was of exquisite quality. It held a certain sweetness, not too sweet, just sweet enough to complement the strawberry at the bottom of the glass. My friend declared she would not be averse to opening another bottle of it at a later date which is high praise from her indeed.

I was spoiled rotten with presents. That Ropey Old Bird sent me some beautiful baubles to adorn my neck and earlobes along with the most gorgeous bookmark I ever was in possession of. My mother-in-law sent me some of Australia's Nutrimetics products, including their flagship product, Nutri-Rich Oil which, I swear, I was only just thinking about the week before. Mr Mac gave me Madonna's new cd, Hard Candy which has been on repeat in the CD player. Ewan, James and Patrick gave me lots of cuddles and were exceptionally well behaved all day. I opened cards from my family and friends in Australia and Scotland and I felt loved all day long. Even George Clooney made an appearance in an e-card from Sylv.

And of course, we had telephonic communcations. Could my day have been any more perfect? I think not.

I hope your own Birthday Girl has been as spoiled and as happy today as I was yesterday. Oooh, I love birthdays, I do!

Loads of post-birthday-high love and quisses,



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