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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Quickie Saturday Report

Dearest Absent Ms. Mac,

I have no time to write to you today. As you know, I'm off to spend a weekend at The Lovely Doc's Den of Iniquity at 10 rue de la Charme. She's organizing a shin-dig and book-signing party for an English author chappie. You know, the one at which you were supposed to be Guest of Honour, all the way from Switzerland!

But in your absence I'm going to take a life-sized, cardboard cut-out of you and sit it next to me ALL DAY. I'm going to feed it little morsels and offer it drinks (which I will consume myself when no-one is looking). And of course I will tell it all my best jokes.

I will miss the Real You horribly, but will have The Lovely Vivi Dispatches for company. Doc will be too busy rushing around and being gracious with all her guests, I imagine. I will be the shy wallflower sitting in the corner, not daring to talk to all the clever literary sophisticates...

And of course a full report will be on your desk first thing on Monday morning.

Bon weekend my Dear!

Lurve & kisses,




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