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Monday, January 12, 2009

bad mother, all-round nasty human being

Dearest Darls,

Am suffering the worst case of Mondayitis in the history of paid employement!

What am I doing here?

Also, is it wrong that it annoys me SO MUCH when the kids cut big chunks out of the side of the butter, instead of neatly cutting off dainty slivers from the end, which would leave a nice, easily wrap-uppable rectangle?

And when prospective clients fill in an order form on our website, some type in their phone number without leaving the country code and also they hurriedly type in a looooong number with NO spaces whatsoever, meaning I have to go back later and put spaces in, in order to save my poor eyes, and this makes me feel murderous rage... and , and, I've forgotten what my question was....

I'll go and make a cawfee now!

Love and gloomy kisses,




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