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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Relief-Ridden Thursday

Dearest Jet-Setting, Glamour Puss Darls!

Am so relieved to hear you are back safe and sound with your lovely new nails intact! Had been envisioning terrible snowy roads + fast car overladen with Christmas bounty = tragic carnage scenario for some silly reason.

Can't wait to hear the jeans story!

Am also delighted to know that I am not the only one who is vain enough to lurve having artificial bits stuck to her body purely for reasons of aesthetic enhancement. So you have a 'Nail Technician now' - get you!

I know you are out prancing about in the snowy snow, and cannot email me just yet, but I must point out that you are being spoiled with such tropical temps as -6°. We in France have it tough, and our bollocks are freezing right off in -12°, so there!

Look forward to receiving some precious missives from you, so that my life can begin again.

Muchos blue-nosed besos,




  • At Thu Jan 08, 01:03:00 pm, Blogger Forest Green said…

    We've had -22°c! And snow? You don't even want to think about how much snow we've had. So there!

  • At Fri Jan 09, 06:18:00 am, Blogger said…

    Talking about freeing off bollocks, two years ago, Toño and I cooled down naked in the snow at -50°C in Siberia after a session in a banja (Russian sauna). When we went back in for the next session, we had ice cubes at our feet. This is quite a strange sensation. Today, 31°C are forecast here in Mumbai.


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