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Friday, February 06, 2009

Dear Lovey,

Lunch with What's'erface was really, really noice. We are mutual friends of the lovely Marita in Melbourne and we must have met each other before prior to Wednesday. Rapperswil was all sunny and showing itself off and the pizza had enough anchovies on it to make me slurp San Pell like it was going out of style.

I've been out this morning picking up Mr Mac from the airport after a five day trip to Abu Dhabi. He is desperately trying to get me into bed for some rumpeh pumpeh but I am resisting his amorous advances as well as a militant dieter on Weight Watchers. I just cannae be arsed this morning. He did bring me some lovely pressies though so I suppose I should put out tonight as a special thanks.

Lawks a lordy! There is a time and a place for white vinyl gogo boots and I suspect that is it always shrouded in a smoky atmosphere with neon lighting and a stage equipped with sturdy poles. Never in broad daylight. But, you know, as long as the owner of the fuck me gogo boots likes them, then that's what counts.

Oh, Madness just came on the radio. I've just got a warm fuzzy feeling. Love a bit of Madness. Did you hear, Suggs was chairing the AGM last night of the Black Lesbians for the Rights of Supressed Animals league? It's Madness gone politcally correct!

And on that note, I bid you Adieu!

Mile baci, bella Antipo,




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