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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dear Shameless Doctor-Chaser,

Are my neck massages not naughty enough then? Note to Self: Next time, grab Antipo's tits!

Re: Sexual harassment- it's only sexual harassment if you don't fancy the guy*.

Sorry for being so remote. Yesterday I spent the entire morning under the quilt, crying and feeling sorry for my cold-ridden self. When I wasn't crying and feeling sorry for myself I was chasing my nose when it wouldn't stop running. The best bit was the pseudo-vomiting when the phlegm and catarrh collected in the back of my throat. It wasn't at all pleasant. Between us, we could combine our illnesses and create a super-bacteria to sell to the baddies to be used in their quest for world domination.

I did manage to find time yesterday to play a little bit of the Xbox 360 that Mr Mac and bought ourselves the boys for a Christmas present. One of the games we bought was Guitar Hero which I can't wait to have you try out next time your grace us with your presence at Chateau Mac. Talk about unleashing your inner Rock Goddess! I'd love to describe it in detail but wouldn't do it justice. Trust me, we'll have loads of fun!

Today I went out for a walk which cleared my head a little although I forgot to bring any tissues with me so now I have a silver sleeve on my daggy old black fleece. The sun is shining though which, in combination with the exercise endorphins has lifted my spirits a little.

Re your "Is January "National Be Rude To Your Parents Month"? wonderings. To that I can only say, welcome to the jungle, baby! It's all downhill from here until about the time they leave home! Which reminds me, mine are due home any minute and will be demanding that I feed them so for now, I must bid you adieu!

With fond love and quisses,


* I just made Germaine Greer cry.


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