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Friday, January 11, 2008

Intervention and Chest Protection

Dearest Love,

A whole beer? Never mind the poorhouse or the asylum my dear, get thee to The Priory, quick!

Re: Repulsiveness. The catarrh and phlegm and dry retching have slowed down somewhat. Which is nice. Today I am suffering from a particularly annoying dry cough and chesty wheeze (and with the size of my chest, you can imagine the wheeze! Boom boom!) which makes me want to suck (!) on my ventolin inhaler all day. Mr Mac has been away since Wednesday being very busy and important in Canada (again) so I have had to suffer my ails all on my own. Thank you so much for your kind interest. Who would have I have whined to otherwise? God knows, the children are only interested in me when I'm serving them food.

Pray tell, what are Ballet School inscriptions? I imagine you hand-embroidering loving little platitudes around the frills of tutus and ribbons of ballet shoes. Things like, "A Dancer's Feet Alphabet: A is for agony, B is for bunions, C is for corns....." or "Tutu: too too cute, too too frilly to to be worn outside of the studio". Please indulge me....

With wheezey love and chesty chisses,



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