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Friday, January 04, 2008

She's Back!


Am home but knackered. Slept like logs until 12:30 when we got up and started unpacking and collecting Sweetie from the babysitter. Sweetie apparently had a brilliant time. Spent 2 weeks out of her cage being bathed by Nico and had attention lavished upon her by everyone who came to the house. She smells of smoke though which worries me- can budgies catch passive smoking cancer?

More later my dear,


To which Antipo replied:

Oh my Dearest!

You are so kind! I have been posting horrid things about you all day in an attempt to amuse myself (and our fifty kajillion readers!).

Sweetie had baths? That's lovely! Who the hell is Nico? Not the dead former junkie and lead singer of The Velvet Underground, presumably. Her lungs are probably fine, it was only 10 days or so wasn't it? (even though it felt like a rancid eternity to me of course).

AM. SO. GLAD. you're back. I can breathe again!

MEGA hugs & kisses,



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