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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Tuesday Titillation

Ms. Mac sent me a very lovely e-mail this morning, which raised my gloomy spirits. However, she unaccountably omitted to blog it herself, so I bravely took an executive decision to blog it on her behalf and without her express permission. Do you think I'm going to get into trouble? We all know how publicity-shy and discreet she is. The original shrinking violet!

Ah well, publish and be damned! She can always sue me later.

On 8 janv. 08, at 09:21, Ms. Mac wrote:

Dearest Self-Diagnoser,

Are you as springy today as you were yesterday? How did your day of skiving at work pan out for you? All was quiet here at Chateau Mac. Ewan had a friend over in the afternoon but apart from that, no other happenings to report. My veggie soup was rather good though. I think I might heat myself of bowl it now, actually - I'm absolutely ravishing this morning.

Only one fixed engagement for today- walking in the afternoon. Thankfully, we have some blue skies today but I was planning on walking whatever the weather because I need to get out and about. I need some fresh, unadulterated by chores, air.

What about you? Lots of phoning foreign countries and flirting with faceless business men? What a job! Are they hiring?

Love, Moi

Antipo replied:

Dearest Fellow Aspie,

You are indeed absolutely ravishing this morning.

The bounce in my step is somewhat saggy today, oweing to a looming throat infection which I fear is going to get the better of me after all. I had been so clever: over the last four or five days I took note of the swollen tonsils and kept warm, took vitamin C and - most importantly - went to bed early every night to get plenty of sleep. There is still no fever, but I'm all achey and tired and the tonsils are still as big as a donkey's bollocks. Not as hairy though, thankfully.

I have to take eldest offspring to the quack for a medical certificate tomorrow anyway, so I might just succumb to the siren call of antibiotics and a quick fix. My nightly blogging addiction has had to fall by the wayside, which is a very grave situation indeed.

Also, I have bitten my tongue very violently (I was attacked by a psychotic grapefuit), so my dreams were sadly uninterrupted by erotic thoughts or sleazy longings. NTR (nothing to report) on the Naughtiness Front, Baby.

My skiving only lasted the morning yesterday, and I guiltily tried to catch up on real work all afternoon.

So, my faceless business men await. Let the flirting commence!

Lethargic lovin' and feeble kisses,



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