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Monday, January 07, 2008

Dearest Returned Scottish Pilgrim,

How good it is to be alive and kicking on a Monday morning, with children back at school, the normal routine underway, and the knowledge that you have safely returned and will doubtless shower me with electronic attention all week in a noble attempt to catch up.

Ha ha!

Nah, I'm sure you are gently recovering from the trip, the excesses of Hogmanay and perhaps contemplating a mountainous pile of evil laundry and other vile household tasks. The only task I have allotted for myself today (apart from keeping up the pretence of working hard, every time my boss walks past my window), is to bring sunshine and giggles (preferably sleazy ones) into your life.

The reason for my astonishing good mood so early on a Monday? Handy hint for crippling backache: lie flat on your front (on a hard surface like the floor) and have an eleven year old stand on your back (after having removed her shoes), and slowly walk up and down your spine. Magic!

I had a fabulous day's shopping in Troyes with The Lovely Vivi last week: it's a beautiful town with churches and medieval architecture galore. I feel a bloggie girlfriends' reunion coming on, and what better place to catch up? Vivi sends her love and gigantic kissous. She made me laugh ALL day! The shops in Troyes are great and situtated mostly in car-free pedestrian zones. I treated myself to a bargain bin DVD: Sense and Sensibility with Emma Thomson and Hugh Grant, so today I'm all "I do hope your parents enjoy good health" and "Are you in need of refreshment, Madam?"

Gracious hugs and esteemed kisses,

Mrs Bouncy McBoingBoing


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