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Monday, January 07, 2008

Dearest Patiently Waiting For My Return Soulie,

It's really quite good to be home. As you know we've been home since the teensy wee hours of Friday morning and I'm only just starting to feel recovered from the massive, long drive from Scotland today. Already this morning I've taken James for an appointment at the hospital about his arm, been to the p'stoffice and gone and done a couple of hundred fancs worth of shopping. As you know though, a couple of hundred francs doesn't go that far so I only have about a basket worth of groceries to unpack.

I still have so much to do to get the house in order for the bloody new year that we're already well into. I still haven't unpacked my suitcase and I have a tonne of washing down in the drying room ready to be brought up and folded as well as the socks'n'undies to sort. The weather is quite foul here. The rain is melting all the snow on the roofs which is almost all gone. I'm pleased about that because it slides off the roof with a thunderous scrape against the tiles before crashing below causing walking beneath eaves to be a very dangerous sport.

I have managed to catch a cold after everyone in Scotland threatened me with their germs. I suppose it was incubating all the time I was there and has now hit me with a vengeance. My hideous sciatic nerve seems to be on the mend. I didn't wake at all last night and I can sit here comfortably in my new high-heeled dancing shoes (which I got for the bargain price of £14.50 in a boxing day sale) without squirming and wriggling, looking for a non-hurty sitting posi. Thank God! And touch wood!

I spent last night catching up on some blogs and getting back into Scrabble practise. How you made me laugh with your tales of Mémée and her oh-so appropriately timed descriptions of various family members' bodily fluids. It reminded me of when she described the colour of Pépé's toe jam which sounded the exact same colour of the broccoli and blue cheese soup you were eating for lunch. What a scream Mémée must be!

How wonderful your day in Troyes (which of course, in my head I pronounce in English even though I know it's completely wrong) sounded. I am not jealous that you and Vivi had such a wonderful time without me, not at all. Not even a teeny tiny little bit.

Now I have to go and make some veggie soup to feed the family. I want to get it on now so that I can play some Halo3 on the new Xbox360 that the family received as a Christmas pressie before Ewan gets home and starts demanding control of it. Also, before I fall asleep. I'm knackered from all this activity so early in the morn.

With veggie soup love and kisses until later,

Mrs Busy


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