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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

PJ Wednesday!

Dearest Domestic Goddess,

Have absolutely nothing of interest to tell you! Just signing in so you don't think I've gone AWOL.

As soon as I get last offspring away to school I will do the happy dance in honour of my two and a half hours of FREEDOM! and domestic bliss that await, before the little buggers trudge home for lunch.

Home-made pizza is on the menu: mozzarella and salami for the anklebiters, mushroom and shallot for me.

Tonight however, I shall don a pearl necklace, smart little suit and heels in order to attend, in my official capacity as Secretary, my first ever meeting of the Ballet School Management Committee. I'm sure you await my tales of internal politicking and diplomacy with great impatience. You are most certainly tense of spirit and sporting bright, expectant eyes.

Hasta pronto Baybee!

Muchos besos,


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