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Thursday, March 13, 2008


Dearest Sweetie Soulie,

Do you remember how we first met? I was thinking fondly of that this morning, in a fit of nostalgia. I had heard all about you from a bazillion other bloggers, and noticed your witty comments all over the place (you certainly knew how to get around in those days! You were even a wee bit of a slag, which I mean in the nicest possible way).

‘How can I make Ms. Mac notice me?’ I thought sadly to myself. One day you handed me a gift: a blog post about longed-for Christmas presents from childhood. I was able to offer you my Fucking Umbrella story on a silver platter, and I think from that day forth you finally noticed me and our chemistry made dramatic sparks! A meeting of two minds (and encyclopaedic capacities for fab recipes) ensued.

So anyway, I have been a very bizzy bee this morning: I took my migraine out early for a wee walk around the willage before work. The wind has dropped and I was gobsmacked (but very poetically of course) at all the yellow and pink spring blossom that burst forth during my absence last week. The wittle birdies in the trees were belting out their Top Twenty Spring Hits at full throttle, and it was just perfect.

In fact there was an ulterior motive to my zeal and zest. I haven’t gone all granola crunchy and early-morning-yoga-deep-breathing-zen on your ass! You may remember I was recently involved with the sorting out of old costumes for the ballet school. We were planning to sell some of them off at the end of March, just in time for the children’s annual spring fancy dress parade through the village. It will hopefully raise some funds to put towards the cost of the dance recital in June.

But on Tuesday night we discovered the sodding local council and Tourist Office had brought forward the date of the parade by one week, so with very little notice whatsoever, we now have to organise the sale for this coming Saturday. I hastily printed out some coloured posters and flyers in my lunchbreak yesterday and this morning we started pinning them up around the village. There’s lots of stuff to do before Saturday morning. Wish me luck!

Love and kisses,



  • At Thu Mar 13, 10:37:00 am, Blogger Mickle in NZ said…

    Soothy, soothy, gently thoughts to antipo.

    hey Welly might be all green all the time but it means the bloody trees keep on growing all the time, and all those other lovely plants the "Acclimatisation Societies" introduced from POMLAND too 100 years or so ago. You know, gorse, broom, wandering jew, wild blackberry - all the crap that is taking over my already wilderness.

    On the positive side the blackberry harvest has been good this season.

    I'll clear off now and let you be happy/miserable again

    Love and huggles


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