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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I Don't Usually Air My Opinions So Vehemently, Do I?

I read an article in The Guardian yesterday, and it got my hackles up:

A children's television presenter has died, a few months after his fiancée, also a children's television presenter, died of cocaine & alcohol abuse, an activity in which they indulged together.

The deaths are undoubtedly tragic. His almost mother-in-law was quoted thus "He's had long moments in the police cell with them blaming him for something he didn't do. He was treated like a criminal."

Excuse me, but doing lethal amounts of cocaine and alcohol with your girlfriend counts as "criminal" in my book.

Also his agent paid tribute to a "truly gifted" performer.

"He was blessed with a remarkable personality, great artistic talents and the wonderful warm ability to communicate those skills with people, especially children of all ages."

"With his sensitivity of spirit, coupled with his dynamic presence and natural enthusiasm, he was loved and respected by his adoring family, friends and colleagues everywhere in the media.""

If he was so talented, he should have had the wit to stay away from drugs, non? It's even more annoying that the pair of them were children's TV presenters! Try explaining to your adorable, innocent three year old why their fave TV person is no more!


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