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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wicked Wednesday

Dearest Aunty Ms. Mac,

No work today! It feels soooooo good to be all cosy at home and not to have to venture out in the big, bad world.

I seem to have carelessly misplaced my children (one ran away to the French grandparents' and the other is attending a pre-Hallowe'en sleepover party), so I have invited some raucous Aussies for lunch and will spend the morning preparing the following:

- beetroot, orange and walnut salad
- carrot, sesame, chicken and avocado starter with sweet Thai chili sauce
- Nigella's mirin-glazed salmon
- Vivi's Fat Fat Creamed Potatoes in Fat
- Rich chocolate gateau with sour cream and wafer thin slices of crystallised ginger
- fab cawfee to finish.

I do hope you approve. Must rush to the hot stove now and start slaving. My favourite pastime!

Missing you horribly, but managing to entertain myself nonethess.

Happy kisses,




  • At Thu Oct 30, 11:37:00 am, Blogger Mickle in NZ said…

    Antipo - well, trust you to have such a decadent Wodnessday, have me over here drooling about the food....

    How is your Thurdsday going - crappy?

    The divine Ms M is snowed in by, well, snow. Divine Ms M is saved bu her wonderous - TEA and blankets and remote controls to everything there

    "Word veri" is "gauken" - phonetic written language at last.

    Sincere care and laughs and love, Mickle and the daftness (me & cat!)


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