Naughty Letters to Ms. Mac

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Monday, June 08, 2009

Gawd, is it STILL Monday?

Dearest Ms. Mac,

I have neglected you horribly, but it's all your fault for tempting me onto Twitter. Blogging and e-mailing now seem so unbearably ponderous and, well like work really, whereas tweeting is so light and effortless. And fun!

My eldest offspring had a wonderful time with the top chef at our cooking class in Paris on Saturday.

We created some OMG Fabulous Food! I should open my own restaurant now, I really should.

We made Asian-style horses' doovers of prawns and vegetables rolled up in rice paper (AMAZING!) and fish and potato saffron soup with garlic, croutons and rouille (MINDBLOWING), finished with tiny glasses of "deconstructed" tiramisu made by flinging caramelised strawberries as the bottom layer, followed by coffee-soaked ladyfingers, the mascarpone, cream & sugar mixture piped out of a siphon (!!) on top of that, and then decorated with more caramelised strawbs and a little orange Cape gooseberry (which the French call Love in a Cage, awwwww). The Chef served a very oaky French Chardonnay with it, which was perfectly divine.

I reeked garlic all the way home.

The portions all looked so dainty and nouvelle cuisiney, but I was full for HOURS.

Oh sorry, have I made you hungry? I'd better not tell you what I'm making for offspring's birthday dinner tonight, in that case.

Love, and stuff,