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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Next Time Someone Asks You A Favour, Research It Before You Acquiesce

So my adorable and earthy-humoured buddy The Lovely Doc asked me if I would like to do a Baingan Bartha, because her handsome husband really likes it.

I immedately replied "Ooooh yes, of course I will. I'm game for any new experience!"

And now I find out it's not a position from the Kama Sutra after all.


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Check Out These THIGHS!

I have fallen hopelessly in love with French rugby player Sébastien Chabal.

His chest is nearly as impressive as mine!

He’s popularly known as The Caveman, due to his hairy, virile, muscle-bound hunkiness (swoon). I checked his stats on the web and discovered he is almost as tall and heavy as Jonah Lomu! Oooh, I bet he would be more than a handful. Seb, you can get me in a scrum anytime!

Read about his sex appeal here .

Read it and weep. He's married and has kids...

Friday, September 07, 2007

New Job Prospects and Bosoms Again

A few months ago, in a fit of boredom and desire for change, I sent off my CV to a big, international company, and they replied favourably. Sadly they needed me to start immediately, but I didn’t feel I could leave my current Small Company colleagues in the lurch, so I (very) regretfully declined the offer.

Yesterday I received an e-mail from the Big Company asking if I am still interested. They were not offering anything specific this time, but they wanted to know if they should keep my CV on file.

In light of the recent bosom problem and my fed-upness with the proximity of my current colleagues with their irritating habits, I'll answer “Yes, definitely”, in the hope that my potential new boss will either

(a) keep his eyes off my cleavage, or
(b) be such a dreamboat that I won't mind him looking, or
(c) be of the female persuasion.

I’ve convinced myself that the Big Company’s toilets are kept cleaner than here. And I bet the employees won't eat my yoghurts from the fridge and drink the milk for my tea without asking me first. They are mostly Anglophones at the Big Company, and they will understand the importance of fresh milk for one’s tea.

The sheer terror of stepping out of my rut and having to learn new stuff, new work habits and the whole change of routine after seven years in the same place would be really stimulating.

Wish me luck!